(TheBadFaculty x Zel-Atif Ishak) x RATSKL

A little project/collaboration I did last week with my good friend Zel-Atif for my street style portfolio. These are pictures of the guys(and me) from RATSKL, and their bikes.

Proposed idea for an upcoming project #2

also by Shairazi Sulastry

Proposed idea for an upcoming project #1

Hopefully this one works.

Songket and some snow.

Here's a fast sketch I did for my avant-garde project. It's going to look something like this. I think.

Morrissey Much? #001

by Shairazi Sulastry

Here's a sketch of my menswear project I did last week. The shirt comes with a bow tie sewn under the collar. I wanted the tie to function as a tie and a very slim scarf, just for show. I'm still trying to develop the idea of the jeans though. Will update on that later this week.

I noticed that most of the guys in my drawings look depressed and the way they walk is as if they're drunk. My lecturer once told me, "you're drawing lines and style reflects you,". No, I wasn't drunk nor was I depressed when I did this. I guess I just like to draw people as if they're half dead or drunk. It adds character to my drawings, I guess. To me it makes them look real but still very static. And I'm not sure why I added the frame.

Happy Ramadhan people.

Interstellar Adventure #123 and Kurasa Raksasa

by Shairazi Sulastry

Here's a doodle I did a few months ago. It has nothing to do with my fashion illustration collection, but I decided to post it up anyway. I doodled this while I was busy doing nothing over at a friend's shop. It's got the whole Kurasa Raksasa vibe to it.

2 years ago, I joined a local creative collective called Kurasa Raksasa where we just did lots of doodling and handpainted tees. We rocked hard, for 2 years. 

Dinoriders Wallpaper

This is currently my desktop wallpaper. Dinoriders.

Back in grade school my teacher once asked me, "So, what do you wanna be when you grow up?". "An archeologist," I replied. He looked puzzled. "So you want to be the next Indiana Jones?".

I wanted to dig and look for dinosaur remains when I was small. I wanted to be an archeologist! I've always been a fan of dinosaurs eversince I was in grade school. There's just something about big ass reptiles that made me go all oh and ah. I would read, draw, and watch anything that had dinosaurs in them. Now...now I'm a fashion design student. Absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs.