Morrissey Much? #001

by Shairazi Sulastry

Here's a sketch of my menswear project I did last week. The shirt comes with a bow tie sewn under the collar. I wanted the tie to function as a tie and a very slim scarf, just for show. I'm still trying to develop the idea of the jeans though. Will update on that later this week.

I noticed that most of the guys in my drawings look depressed and the way they walk is as if they're drunk. My lecturer once told me, "you're drawing lines and style reflects you,". No, I wasn't drunk nor was I depressed when I did this. I guess I just like to draw people as if they're half dead or drunk. It adds character to my drawings, I guess. To me it makes them look real but still very static. And I'm not sure why I added the frame.

Happy Ramadhan people.

Interstellar Adventure #123 and Kurasa Raksasa

by Shairazi Sulastry

Here's a doodle I did a few months ago. It has nothing to do with my fashion illustration collection, but I decided to post it up anyway. I doodled this while I was busy doing nothing over at a friend's shop. It's got the whole Kurasa Raksasa vibe to it.

2 years ago, I joined a local creative collective called Kurasa Raksasa where we just did lots of doodling and handpainted tees. We rocked hard, for 2 years. 

Dinoriders Wallpaper

This is currently my desktop wallpaper. Dinoriders.

Back in grade school my teacher once asked me, "So, what do you wanna be when you grow up?". "An archeologist," I replied. He looked puzzled. "So you want to be the next Indiana Jones?".

I wanted to dig and look for dinosaur remains when I was small. I wanted to be an archeologist! I've always been a fan of dinosaurs eversince I was in grade school. There's just something about big ass reptiles that made me go all oh and ah. I would read, draw, and watch anything that had dinosaurs in them. I'm a fashion design student. Absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs.

The Invisible Man #102

by Shairazi Sulastry

This is a sketch/idea for my menswear project(I've a fashion show in another 8 weeks). Too lazy to colour the drawing, so use your imagination.

Colour #e06868

This is currently my favourite colour.

A Member Of The Faculty #011

by Shairazi Sulastry

Lenka was in town the other day and I got the chance to talk with her bandmates for abit. Here's a style and design I doodled inspired by John(Lenka's guitarist). He wore a checkered black and white shirt with grey denim slim fit jeans that day. His whole get up gave him this very old school look. Typical yet very refreshing. 

The Boy Your Mom Warned You About #001

by Shairazi Sulastry

I've always liked how almost dead but still pretty Daniel Johns looked. Here's a sketch of a coat and buttoned undershirt I designed for my upcoming menswear school project. And I kinda played around with Illustrator and Photoshop too. 

The Pursuader by James Piatt

This is The Pursuader, a very smart hand bag by the infamous controversial handbag designer James Piatt. What's so smart about this hand bag is that it's entirely constructed by interlocking laser cut leather(like those origami/cardboard models you can get at hobby shops). This bag uses no stitching whatsoever! The fact that there's a handphone compartment at the "gun" clip, makes it even more bad ass. 

I think that's the best way to describe this bag: it's bad ass!

James Piatt is an American designer well known for his extreme handbag designs. Some of you might've seen his breakthrough handbag design, The Peacekeeper. It's stuff like these that makes you see and experience design in a whole new dimension.

The Peacekeeper by James Piatt

*Check out more of James Piatt's work over at his site.

FASHIONARY: A fashion sketchbook?

Fashionary is a fashion scrap/sketch/text book. It's got almost everything a fashion designer/student needs! Inside there are pages of designers index, textile information, charts of standard measurements, women figure chart, a standarn cm/inch ruler and radial ruler, 10 basic patterns....the list goes on!

*Pages inside the Fashionary sketchbook. 

This would definitely come in handy for fashion designers (and students *cough*) who are always doodling their ideas on paper. The fact that this sketchbook is fused with information you can only find in textbooks makes it a must have for people who are into fashion designing. I've yet to see one with my own eyes, but I think I'm gonna go look for one at Kinokuniya. They should at least have SOMETHING like this.

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" T-Shirt

Here's the "Michael Jackson's This Is It"* T-shirt. Printed on a black fruit of the loom tee, I saw this sold at a few HMVs in London. It has a drawn image of MJ as a zombie just like  in the "Thriller" video! Comes complete with two zombie henchmen and Thriller fonts that says "Michael Jackson's This Is It"! 

Oh and if you see me wearing this walking around town...tell me how good I look!

*"This Is It" is the name of the concert that never came, unfortunately.  R.I.P MJ.

Osiris Bronx X Michael Jackson

I was never a fan of skateshoes, but when I saw these guys on shelves during my stay in London... I think I fell in love. Personally, i think Osiris did an awesome job with their Limited Edition Bronx Michael Jackson's "Beat It" and "Bad" collection. Released for Osiris' 2009 Spring collection, the shoes design ideas were inspired by the respected video clips.  With side mesh panels and dual straps, these retro hightop sneakers are made from pretty solid synthetic leather. The black pair comes with metal hardware for the "Bad" look while the "Beat It" ones are strapped with metal zippers. 

The Osiris Bronx model is pretty amphibious. Made for skateboarding and your everyday hang out sessions. Check out other Osiris Bronx hightop sneakers over at

For £69, these Bronx babies are really worth getting especially if you're a sneaker freak and ESPECIALLY if you also happen to be an MJ freak. I was a few pounds too short to get a pair of these when i saw them and now they haunt me, everyday.