The Pursuader by James Piatt

This is The Pursuader, a very smart hand bag by the infamous controversial handbag designer James Piatt. What's so smart about this hand bag is that it's entirely constructed by interlocking laser cut leather(like those origami/cardboard models you can get at hobby shops). This bag uses no stitching whatsoever! The fact that there's a handphone compartment at the "gun" clip, makes it even more bad ass. 

I think that's the best way to describe this bag: it's bad ass!

James Piatt is an American designer well known for his extreme handbag designs. Some of you might've seen his breakthrough handbag design, The Peacekeeper. It's stuff like these that makes you see and experience design in a whole new dimension.

The Peacekeeper by James Piatt

*Check out more of James Piatt's work over at his site.

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